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College radio has a venerable tradition of radical sounds and off-beat shows. Going back to the 1960s, college radio was a place where young people could experiment with new sounds being ignored by the mainstream, and it's still that way today, only digital.

Many major area radio stations are college-based. WMUA in Massachusetts is associated with UMass (the University of Massachusetts) and WFUV in New York is the radio station of Fordham (the Jesuit University of New York). College radio is not-for-profit, and these major stations are no exception, but the real deal of college radio is found on the low-bandwidth, small stations heard only by a few. It's on these stations that college students take over, experimenting with music, spoken word, and sound in wild and unexpected mixes.

College radio stations may host shows that offer opinions on the news of the day, or on how that news effects the campus. You might, for example, hear a talk show—dialogue or one dj's opinion—about a controversial speaker who has visited or will visit the campus. Or you might hear live music performed in studio, or perhaps old vinyl records that a student found in his parents' basement. You might hear all three in the same day, which is why such stations: Purely amateur, and often not very good, can really get the adrenaline pumping. That kind of creativity is thrilling even when it fails!

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Where else will you be able to listen to Billie Holiday crooning her pain away, followed by Led Zeppelin screaming their way through the seventies, followed by Jay Z, and then a country song, and then a comedy clip, and then Frank Sinatra? Nowhere! And maybe it doesn't work, maybe it's too disjointed or disorienting, but it's bold and fun and it's not the same old same old.beautiful locket necklace pendant collection
Are you thinking about purchasing your first  Choosing a jewelry especially on as fine as silver is not easy. If you're having a difficult time deciding, let me help you. This article features the top reasons people buy these shiny pendants. Try to read this article first before deciding if silver lockets are for you.

Here Are Top 3 Reasons Why Silver Lockets Are A Must:

  • It's silver!: You can never go wrong with silver. The color is classy and it looks a lot more expensive that it actually is. People (myself included) often can't tell the difference between white gold and silver. The two might look physically alike but the price tag varies by the hundreds.  Do note that in order to keep silver in its best condition, regular cleaning is a must to avoid your silver from tarnishing.
  • Classy design: A locket pendant design is a timeless piece has proven itself a classic staple in the fashion world. By choosing a locket, many people will surely appreciate your taste in accessories. Lockets should be a staple in every woman's jewelry collection. The designs vary from the finishing, size and even the shape of the locket. You also have the option of having  it engraved with your name, initials and even your face! For more glitter and glamour, why not go for gem encrusted lockets? they'll cost you extra but they're worth every penny.
  • It can hold memories: It's a very special jewelry because it can carry special memories with it. You can't put a price tag on sentiments and memories. Lockets are the perfect gifts for lovers because the pictures inside are private and special. You can place pictures of you together or place special momentos inside like a petal from your wedding bouquet or a lock of hair. This would be your own special secret.
So Where Can You Purchase One?
  • Jewelers: Try your local jeweler first. While they often cost you extra, it's good to know you can fit and try out the jewelry first before purchasing it. You can also try out several other pieces on for size.
  • Thrift store: If you're into antiques and silver pendants with an old world charm, you might fancy a trip to the thrift store for some unique finds. You'll be sure they're one of a kind.
  • Online: For bargain hunters, the internet is your playground. Not only can you enjoy the lowest rates, you also have the widest selection of silver lockets to choose from. 
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When you're on safari, most of the transport from camp to camp will be done either by bus or four-wheel drive, so you don't have to worry about your child's fitness being an issue. Vehicular transport also helps to minimize your children's exposure to the harsh African weather. However, children's skin does get sun-burnt a whole lot easier than adults' skin, so you definitely want to bring some sun hats and high SPF sunscreen to protect your children from the unforgiving African sun. 

What about diseases? It's no secret that Africa is home to some particularly nasty diseases, including yellow fever and malaria. Well, children respond to vaccinations just as well as the rest of us. Do some research before you leave on the recommended vaccinations for tourists travelling to your destination of choice. This information should be readily available from your tour operator. Make sure your entire family gets all the appropriate vaccinations before leaving and pack anti-malarial medication on your trip. Remember to finish the course of medication and your child will be just fine.

Finally, although it seems absurd, I suspect many of us parents worry that our child will be attacked by a wild animal. Contrary to popular expectations, the chances of such an incident happening are probably less than one in a million. Your tour group will be accompanied by expert guides who will advise you on all the appropriate safety precautions. They are also armed, so you can feel absolutely safe leaving your children in their hands.

Safari tours can be a great travel experience for your children. Don't let your parental responsibilities hold you back from taking a safari vacation - bring your kids along.If you are at all familiar with clinical data exchange solutions, you will have heard about  ONC LRI initiative pilot. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology is using the results of this pilot to evaluate the LRI protocol and the feasibility of the universal data exchange standard promised by LOINC mapping technologies. As a result, Halfpenny Technologies has taken on some very hefty responsibilities indeed. 

As part of the ONC LRI initiative pilot, Halfpenny Technologies has been tasked with proving that a universal healthcare information standard is viable. For example, they will need to look into cost-effective ways of implementing the universal information standard across multiple medical databases. They will need to prove that the introduction of these universal standards creates significant cost savings compared to a data exchange system where each database operates according to its own standard. 

Although a few years ago Tel Aviv Real Estate was accessible for the artistic community, prices have risen to such a degree that artists are making arrangements to share studio space. This has resulted in new art forms emerging as artists who work in different mediums, but who share space, have begun to collaborate. As art fairs with different themes have been springing up every week, more and more tourists are being brought into the area, with additional attention being paid to events such as Tel Aviv's Gay Pride Week and Gay Pride Parade. Also contributing to the general popularity of Tel Aviv is the White City area in Tel Aviv's historic district, which holds the world's largest collection of restored Bauhaus style homes. The area was recently declared a Unesco World Heritage site. Other popular activities include biking around the city.Where I work, there's a woman who has the world's best boyfriend. We've never met him, and she almost never talks about him, but we know that he's the world's best boyfriend. How? Because every week without fail, she gets a call from the mail room to let her know that she's got a package, and every week without fail she comes marching back upstairs from the mail room with one of those long, green and brown delivery boxes that scream ProFlowers all over it. She doesn't even have to unpack the box and show off this week's blooms to make every other woman in the office green with envy, and if the guys in the office are smart, they're taking notes and jotting down the Proflowers phone number, which is also conveniently printed on the box. What's the moral of this story for a business owner? You get a lot of bang for your buck if you use.

To get the advantage of custom printed boxes for your business, you don't have to have a stable of graphic artists designing something flashy for you. Bold, clean design often works best, and if you already have a company name and logo then that's half the battle. With today's digital printing capabilities, printing custom designs on boxes is affordable, and its impact is immeasurable. It doesn't matter whether your packaging is designed to hold something small or large, something that is sold on a shelf or is shipped across the country. A custom printed box or bag will announce your business to everybody. If they know your company it will give them a little ping of recognition, and if they've never heard of you, then your packaging will light a spark of curiosity. Put your name, your website, your phone number on your box and your business will get a boost.I am overdue for a vacation.  I mean I am seriously overdue for a vacation.  My husband wants to book a cruise (yawn) and my teenage daughters want to go “someplace hot”, which I’m pretty sure is American teen colloquialism for “someplace with hot boys”.  I, on the other hand, have considered a number of different vacation ideas and destinations and have rejected many of them out of hand.  Interestingly, the one idea I keep coming back to is these .  For some reason this seems to appeal to me more than anything else.

Maybe it’s the latent adventurer in me, or the animal lover... or perhaps it has something to do with seeing The Lion King seventy-three times.  I don’t know – all I can say for sure is that I really think I want to go to Africa.  However, it has occurred to me that Africa is a rather large continent with countless vacation destinations.  The question seems to be, how exactly does one decide just where to go?

I saw a Tanzania safari package that looked simply amazing. Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater (called Africa’s Garden of Eden); all so breathtaking and of course the wildlife is a great lure. By the same token, Kenya is also very appealing, particularly for those interested in game viewing (like me!).  I’ve read that Ethiopia has a long and rich history and a fascinating culture and it is said that Uganda has the most beautiful highlands and forests you've ever seen.  Then of course there’s the South African Safari Vacation Package which offers a multitude of attractions from game drives to city life, not to mention some of the most varied and gorgeous scenery ever. I hate to repeat myself but - again, how does one decide?  I wonder if I can get my vacation time extended... by several months?Say the word "warehouse" and what immediately springs to mind is the picture of a vast building filled with rack after rack of boxes, pallets, and bags, labeled with marker and sitting under low lights to await the arrival of a swarm of orange-suited employees.  While accurate in the past, modern warehouses are a far cry from what's seen in the back rooms of big box stores and clothing outlets: inventory management, packing, payments, product retrieval, sorting, and storage have all been revolutionized by the arrival of large-scale mechanization and computerization.  This is how huge enterprises, such as the  industry, can manage millions of orders all at once and deliver to anyone the world over without a hitch. 

Orders and material in today's warehouses are tracked by what's known as a Warehouse Management System, or WMS, a computer program designed to handle records, inventory, and both inflow and outflow of products.  Some warehouses, especially those designed to hold electronics or those built in cities or countries where real estate is particularly expensive, are entirely automated: cranes, conveyors, and complex storage and retrieval systems handle everything without the touch of a human hand.  These places can be built to many times the height of a human, enabling extremely efficient use of space-- some reach over 20 meters (60 feet) high. 

Automated warehouses like this are designed specifically for a single sort of product: clothing, electronics, plastic parts, agricultural produce, and more.  The Internet, oddly enough, is one of the things that has pushed forward the development of massive structures like this.  Because an online store does not have a physical retail space, all of their product must be kept in storage somewhere-- and the most efficient way to both store and deliver products is to have a centralized warehouse on each continent.  Global logistics is a complex business, and anything a computer can do to help streamline the process has been put to use. Do you also want to get your hands on the latest technological gadget? Do you think that you are finding it impossible to resist the urge of acquiring the most awaited Ipad 3 especially the? My friend, I can definitely understand what you are going through; you want to get that most desired tablet computer and make your life easy by using that one device everywhere. If you have used either Ipad or Ipad 2, then you would be definitely aware of the features that both of these gadgets possess. Ipad 3 is expected to have more advanced technology than its previous versions; some of the Ipad 3 specsthat most of the customers are expecting to have are thinner and lighter battery with long battery life, high resolution screens, small size of the Ipad, easy to handle, user-friendly and most importantly have LTE support along with A6 quad-core processor. You don’t need to wait long now as the Ipad 3 is expected to be available in the market in March 2012; just one month left and you will get your most desired technological gadget.

Every designer bag from  are of high quality. If there is anything that this outlet boasts of, it is the kind of quality that is portrayed by every product that is bought from there. One of the things that buyers value most when they go out to make purchases is value for the money they spend. If a buyer gets a product that is not good enough to bring the fulfillment and contentment that the buyer was looking for, such a product may be of little use! This is why buyers are highly advised to make sure that they get to establish details of any designer products from stores that are selected and appointed as authorized outlets. Buyers who understand this have no problem spending their time in gaining information on the products that they need to buy. Such information must include the right places where clients can buy their favorite bags with all the appreciation they need.
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Have you ever analyzed the latest trend that is prevalent in the fashion industry? Why do you think that women are crazy for specific brands? Why is there growing demand for designer ? Do you think that there is any relationship between brand and status symbol? Yes, people view possessing a brand as a symbol of status and that is why women are willing to buy branded products so that they can develop an association with either the brand or the celebrity who uses that brand. One of the most important accessories that most of the woman consider important to complete their outfit is the handbag. Since there are many designer handbags available in the market, so women want to purchase those bags so as to develop an association with it. But of course, not everyone can afford to buy the designer handbags; so, there are replica handbagsavailable in the market to address the women’s desires of possessing the branded handbags. Burberry is the most desired brand name among the handbags brand and Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham are a few of the celebrities who use the Burberry trademark.
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The most important factor when it comes to the selection of a  has to be the cost of the locket necklace. The cost which in many quarters is often referred to as the price plays a very big part when it comes to the selection and purchase of a locket.

The price of a locket necklace generally provides an idea of the kind of product that a person might be purchasing. The best locket necklaces are normally priced so highly such that they are only bought by those who have been able to accumulate some wealth for themselves.

The price of a locket necklace is normally pegged on the material which is used in making the locket. This means that the material used in making the locket helps in arriving at the cost of the locket. If the locket is made of a precious metal then chances are that it would be priced dearly. handbags are classy. They are the perfect bags that every classy woman would want to identify with. They come in very beautiful colors that any woman would want to get. These colors are cool and unique, and most of them will blend well with most of the ladies’ wears. They come in small sized, medium sizes and large sizes as well. If you need a handbag that you can stuff all your personal effects inside and still have a spacious bag, Louis vuitton classy handbags are the ones you should go for. You do not have to worry much if you do not have a lot of stuff to put into your big bag because these bags will always hold their shape even when they have nothing inside! These are certainly the kind of bags that every lady should have, for they represent the true worth of a woman.Control in the contamination level of laboratories, operation theatres and research centers can be done efficiently by the use of. Wide varieties of wipes are available that help in keeping check on the amount of infectivity. Pre-saturated and sterile wipes are of high utility in critical environments where cleaning is necessary. They are composed of cellulose or polypropylene and are biodegradable hence do not cause pollution. These wipes have solutions that are suitable for all skin types and do not cause any type of allergic reactions on skin.

Tremendous capacity of particle level absorbency and extraction make it the most preferred option for wiping. These low particle wipe is fairly inexpensive and is available easily on any scientific store of medical store. If you are working among hazardous chemicals or infection prone areas like nuclear plant, you must have cleanroom wipes with you to ensure security of

Are you thinking about an accounting degree? Getting  has many benefits. You can take the classes at your own leisure without worrying about the class being too full. At a standard college, if a class is too full, you will be waiting until the next semester. This can delay finishing your degree by months.

An online accounting degree is the ideal solution for working adults who don't have time for traditional classes. Often, most students already have prior knowledge in basic accounting and they will find these classes boring which can lead to boredom and lack of motivation. Online degrees remove the problem and let students test out of a course. An online accounting degree is less expensive than the typical college tuition. The cost is less because formal classrooms aren't needed. To find degree programs in your area ,search by zip code or get suggestions from family and friends in the field. It is a great way to advance your career.If you have ever been curious about nursing as a career you
will know that there are many different degrees and certifications available. A  may seem like quite a bit of schooling but there are quite a few benefits associated with obtaining this high level of degree.

One of the main benefits is that it will save you time. Without this degree it may take many years to build up experience but having a master's degree often times accounts for actual training experience.

Another big advantage is pay. Nurses with master's degrees are often given higher positions and increased pay because of their high level of education. It is a safe estimate that over your lifetime as a nurse with a masters degree compared to just a bachelors degree, you will earn about $180,000 more.

If a master's degree in nursing is something you are considering then make sure to research schools, and nursing programs. You want to make sure that you get a degree from a highly accredited program.

 Although the Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) is suited for the professionals who are employed full-time but people who are employed part-time can also get enrolled in this program. The was introduced in the market to meet the educational needs of  professionals. Most of the programs are offered on a part-time basis but some are also offered as evenings and weekends courses as well. The executives who are seeking to obtain the degrees are the middle management people and Chief Executive Officers. The schools that offer the evening courses are suitable for those executives who want to have their classes after 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work schedule while those that offer the weekend courses are suitable for those who can find the time to study on Saturdays and Sundays. Some executives find ideal to get enrolled in an online program that allows distance learning and is suitable for those people who travel a lot. Hence, after having all the details about various formats of the executive MBA programs, do careful analysis and select that program that is most ideal for you.

but they do not know how to get registered. There are many ways which can help any individual to get registered in such programs. One of the easiest ways is to search few famous online programs that are currently offered, over the internet. Once you get the details related to the programs then the next move must be to contact the college or university by emailing your concerns. It is always a better thing to draft an e-mail which covers all your concerns. Wait for the reply. Usually such colleges and Universities respond within 12 – 16 hours. On the contrary use Google to search other colleges and Universities and repeat the exercise. This always helps. If you are concerned about the fees then do not worry, there are many affordable and economical online degree programs that are offered these days.

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2010, the highly paid professionals belonged to the field of finance and the employment opportunities for the graduates with business degree with specialization in finance will increase by an accelerating rate. The increase in the employment opportunities can be attributed to one single factor that is the increase in the demand of the financial professionals. The graduates who are willing to obtain a degree in finance should go ahead with their decision as after completing their education there will be immense job opportunities for them. The graduates with finance degree can work in variety of work settings such as the government agencies, academic institutions and even some private organizations. The main job positions that these graduates are eligible for are the financial analyst’s job, investment banker’s job, loan officers and financial advisors. Hence, if you are thinking of pursuing your career in the finance field with the finance degree, then you should do careful analysis of your own interests so that you make a career choice which is compatible with your interest and will help you to prosper in your career.
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 Since the healthcare industry is growing drastically so the demand of the specialists in the medical field is also increasing with the need for the professionals who have Master of Business Administration (MBA) in healthcare. The demand of graduates with  rising because these graduates are needed to ensure that the healthcare work setting conduct the business activities in an organized and discipline way. The projections regarding the employment opportunities in the healthcare industry were made by the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics and reported in its report in May 2010. The report provided detailed information about the types of jobs that will be available for the graduates who will complete their Master’s degrees in the next ten years. According to the report, the number of jobs that will be available for the graduates holding Master’s degree in healthcare will grow by 16% through 2018. The jobs that will be most demanded will be of the health and medical service managers. Hence, a Master’s degree in healthcare from a top rated business school or college will help you get a competitive edge in the job market.